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Increda peg

Thank you for the overall experience of assistance and delivery.
The product is amazing and I'm using it already for everything possible... lol
Recommended indeed


Very satisfy - good value for money

Life saver!

I am really really thankful for the great product you sell...i hate pegs cause it always breaks, sun burns it and whenever there is wind everything lies on the ground.... your pegs is strong, firm and i have never picked up any clothes caused by strong winds...this is the second time i ordered only because my children can not put everything back in one place 🙈 i am really happy with this product....well done!!

Great product offer. Don't miss out.

Real value for money! Now I can share this wonderfull product as a gift to someone. 👍

Increda -Peg review

Absolutely amazing product, good value for money, easy shopping on the website, super fast and efficient delivery. Great effort to make use of recycled plastic.


In December 2023 we bought some incredapeg's and wow wat a fantastic product. We have now purchased pegs again but this time to hand out as gifts to let our friends and family experiance the pegs as well.

Thanks for the great service. I only waited 2 days for my order. I love my pegs. Best buy I have ever made. Will definitely tell my family and friends to buy them.

2 Packet Deal
Johan du Rand
Fantastic Increda-peg

Wonderful. Works perfectly. Various uses. Weather proof. Easy to store.

I’m very happy with my pegs and the service provided

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Last peg youll ever spend your money on.

pegs are incredible and last for ever..


What a remarkable development - multi purpose pegs, packet-sealers, plant-proppers, charger-connectors and everything in between made from smart eco-friendly material, so helping the environment to boot! Not my first rodeo with these guys, needed to buy more (not because they degraded, they didn’t) but they do get little friend-legs and are not GPS enabled to return home. Maybe that’s the upgrade? 😂
Quick efficient delivery and comms. Great work!

Great peggs

The pegs are great and very sturdy. Service is okay.

2 Packet Deal
Jo Brown
Second Order

This is my second order, I’m very happy with my pegs and the service provided.

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2 Packet Deal
Trish Stapleton
Best pegs ever

Best pegs ever. Bought a packet from a retailer before and now needed to replace all my other pegs. Buying Increda pegs was obviously the way to go. Thank you.

2 Packet Deal
Tracy Lee Scott
Increda Pegs is Awesome!

Increda Pegs are awesome. I received my order so quickly. Cant wait to tell my otger friends how nice these pegs are compared to the old ones we were using


Brilliant pegs and brilliant service. Thank you

Extremely happy

Traditional pegs break all thr time from heat and handling. I was very happy with the first purchase and so I decided to get some for family.

Delivery was super quick for both purchases.

Incredible incredapeg

Great service and love the product


Hi Brett, Thank you for your mail and follow up. I ordered three packs and am very happy for the multi purpose use of the pegs. A great invention indeed using recycled plastic. Wishing you all the success. All i need now is the peg bag.

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Itumeleng Magutyana

These are amazing. I love how they don't split and stay intact. Complete life saver. Even when I forget them outside they don't change in quality. And because they are not made put of wood, they don't change in colour.

I am impressed

Only used them once so far, and was happy with the outcome.


Excellent service, from ordering to receiving my parcel

Great product. I needed a present for family overseas that have just about everything. I hope they love it.