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Best pegs in the world. Not just for clothes but so many more uses. Love them

Love the Increda-Peg

I like these because I can hang 2 items at the same time. Also extends washing line space.
The package was delivered quick with no delays or issues. Incredible


Unbelievable product, small issue with the courier sending it to the wrong province. Received it eventually and am very happy.

Pegs for family in the UK

I use incredapeg peggs at home and love them. This order was for family living in the UK. The order was dispatched on the same day as the order was placed, brilliant!

Christmas in July special

The service was incredible and I love the product. With it being such a great special I was able to share with other members of my family.


Needs some getting used to, but it's superior in all the ways you can think of...

Big Up Increase Peg

Wooow!!! I don't know what to say, the delivery was so quick and the quality of your Increda Pegs is amazing. No more broken pegs for me. Dankooo!!!

increda(ble) peg

Absolutely love these pegs. Can use it for more than just clothing. I am impressed as it don't leave marks on clothes

Happy Increda-Peggar

Brett & Team,
Wow, what a great experience ordering from you guys! Fast delivery without a glitch and my word, what an amazing concept and product. I thought I might have gone a bit overboard with my order (4 Packets + 1 Peg Bag + 1 Drawstring Bag + 1 Free Packet) but glad I did, as they have a 1001 uses!

Keep up the good work!
Werner Prinsloo

I am impressed with my pegs.

Reviews on the incra peg

Pegs are strong, easy to carry and use and do not leave my clothes with peg marks or rust.

They hold clothes firmly on the line no worries of clothes being on the floor.

Incredibly Puik Diens

Hierdie is die sterkste pennetjies teen die BESTE pryse nog!

Die Peg-bag is 'n awesome add on en is so tevrede met julle diens!
Plus free delivery!! Mense moenie sê "mens kry niks is die lewe verniet nie" 🤪 Hierdie was 'n awesome deal! Dankie Guys



The best thing!

The Incredible pegs are indeed incredible! They are the best thing since sliced bread. Where have you been all my life? Washing day is indeed a pleasure with the "incredas"! Ordered the Father's Day special and I was impressed with the service and the after care service.

Strong, durable - 2nd order

Very impressed with this product. We are using these "pegs" exclusively now for our washing line. They are virtually indestructible. No more broken pegs!


Best pegs out there, really love them, they make life so much easier

Ms Schrader

What a fantastic idea.. People with arthritis in their hands cannot use the conventional peg. Thanks for INCREDA-PEG to the rescue! Easy to use for all.

Package was delivered on time and correct, very satisfied with the contents and ease of ordering

Great service

I ordered my 3 bags, and within 2 days it was delivered on my doorstep. I'm very satisfied with them so far, they do a darn good job of keeping the clothes on the washing line, even in the strongest of winds! Would highly recommend them 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Best product I have come across.

Today I used my pegs for the second time and this is how it went.
In the Eastern Cape we had terrible wind today, wind speed of 33km/h with wind gusts of 62km/h so it was perfect for testing these pegs. I had some clothing on the line, a duvet, blanket and pillow cases and everything stayed on the line. I didn't lose even 1 peg, none fell off and none broke, nothing moved on the line, everything stayed in place where I hung it. I have read some reviews from people on Facebook and seriously do not understand their complaints. My thin pillow cases was not too thin for the pegs. My jeans from yesterday was not too thick for the pegs. Everything stayed in place, the pegs fit nicely on everything. I even hung my drawstring bag on the line with a peg, it obviously keeps closing on me🤣 but I'll just add a little loop on it so it can hang.

Like I said, best product I have found so far. These would be extra great if it came in different colours so we can see it easier when it falls on the grass, I lost 1 that fell out of my hand and haven't found it yet lol.

Good job to you guys👍

The Meercat Family

What a surprise when the order I placed — wonderful bargain, by the way! — was delivered the very next day and I could hand out useful, innovative and unique gifts to the fathers we were having for lunch on Fathers’ Day. Thank you, Team Increda-Peg

Increda peg

Surprisingly good and efficient for such a simple design. Very impressed with the pegs and the versatility of them and the bags are a nice enhancement. Will definitely recommend.

Absolutely amazing

Very practical and works like a bomb