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Great service

Very sufficient, and very happy with the product. Good quality.


Wow, what amazing "pegs"... so versatile, they do hang laundry but do so many other things... my jewellery and scarves are now neat and tidy... and I've used them on some very naughty, untidy plants in the garden, who were not behaving themselves... they are now pegged up and cannot encroach on the other beautiful plants around them!!! Buy these pegs, they work wonders and you'll be supporting South Africans xxx

The betta peg

This is a great product, we have only been using them for a week or two and I can say with out a doubt we will not buy any other pegs.


My experience with incredapeg from placing the order, payment, being kept up to date and delivery 3 days later has been a 10/10. The 🍒 on the top was the personal note I received with my delivery ❤️

I couldn’t wait to open my parcel so I could try out my new incredapegs (I had a load of washing on hand🙄) They are amazing. It’s going to take a little while to adjust to the new style of peg having used the conventional peg my whole life 😜

Well done to the team at Incredapeg this product is ingenious 👌

Hi being using these pegs for a couple of weeks, and I live near the sea and it can become windy our way,no rust no breakage, thanx for this wonderful product.


Every so often something comes along that is truly revolutionary! It is not simply a refinement or development of an existing product - this is a total rethink of an existing process. It only takes a few moments to get the hang of it and then it works really well. Into the bargain it consumes waste products.
On day 1, it also found its way into the garden supporting a frail branch on a new lemon tree. Time will tell if it will stand up to the environment – all indications are that it will.

Increda-Peg pegs replaces sun-damaged, brittle normal pegs

I am very happy with this proudly South-African company's product. The service was very good, marketing is excellent (I found the product on Instagram and was immediately intrigued). We have been battling with so-called quality traditional plastic pegs for years. They get brittle in the hot South African sun, and quickly disintegrates or breaks, then you have to pick up the pieces.
I am so happy to have this quality, versatile product to use now. The idea is really "incredibly" simple yet effective and a great brain-child :) Well done to companies like yours that creates "South-Africa proof" products!

Amazing product

I received my incredapegs 8 days ago and I just love them! I would recommend anyone else to use them. Thank you so much for an amazing product!!

Happy client

I am extremely happy with the pegs , it has so many uses not just washing. In the caravan and camping the ideas is endless , thank you for a very good product

Quick delivery of a great product

Order was quickly delivered.
Great product with so many uses.

Best pegs ever!!!

Awesome product. Thank you for this Spesial gift.


Very happy with peggs
Enjoying to use them

Love them

Thank you for the great service. The pegs are just as promised.

3 Packets + FREE Delivery
Awesome pegs

Loving these pegs so far! Easy to use!

Excellent product and service

I am so happy with my new pegs! No more pegs falling apart. I received my order 2 working days after I placed it... amazing, as I live in an outlying area. Thank you so much!

Excellent weather holders heheh

When the rain falls, the wind is blowing, the clothes is going around and around the pegs are keeping my clothes on the line, and pegs are not snapping away.. love love it


Love this product

3 Packets + FREE Delivery
Aaltje Van Heusden
Best buy by far...

❤️ my Increda-pegs!

Very good!

Good service, I like my pegs!!!


So happy to use your product

3 Packets + FREE Delivery
Liezille Vermeulen
Versatile, fantastic product!

Thank you Increda-Peg for this amazing product! I've used them for washing now, we hung our biltong in our biltong maker and I've used it to close packets that are open. I will definitely recommend your product!

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Very nice product! The delivery was very fast!

3 Packets + FREE Delivery
MacGyver (Stan)
One Peg to rule them All

Title may be a bit cliché but it's true. What an amazing simple yet multipurpose and durable product. It's like a paper paperclip with MacGyver skills. The service from the company was top notch and the communication and updates was regular and spot on. Received the parcel delivery quickly and just as quick as I received them, as soon as I opened the pack I started finding new uses for them. This is not just a clothing peg but way more. Think outside the box and this is something you'll carry with you, have a few in the car, in the back pack when outdoors, just about everywhere. I personally love the product. 10 out of 10.