Our Story

Conceived by Brett Potgieter and produced locally in South Africa, the Increda-Peg is more than just a product; it's a story of innovation, resilience, and sustainability. In the last few years, it has revolutionised the clothing peg industry of South Africa while recycling more than twenty tons of plastic.

(Brett Sharing packets with some local yacht owners - Richards Bay - 2019) 

Being the sons of the Increda-Peg's inventor, we have had a front-row seat to this compelling journey, which we are eager to share with you here.

The narrative of the Increda-Peg begins with an inspired vision. Our father has always seen the world through the lens of innovation, abstract thinking, and efficiency. His unique perspectives filled our childhood, making it a tapestry of 'what-ifs' and 'why-nots.' From revolutionary invention ideas to insightful philosophical discourse, our dinner table was a hub of interesting and engaging discussions.

(Brett and his right hand man - 2020) 

One such discussion led to the conception of a new and improved clothing peg, an idea that ultimately took form as the Increda-Peg. Following months of brainstorming and prototyping, my father brought to life the 'multi-hook,' the original incarnation of the Increda-Peg.

With the product ready, we embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey, introducing our new product across markets nationwide and forming partnerships with digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The redesigned pegs and a vibrant new brand image were just the beginning. What ensued was a period best encapsulated as 'parting with weekends to embrace markets.' Alongside the markets, our brand's digital presence on Facebook and Instagram also grew.

(Our team hard at work - 2020)

Despite having a unique product, making sales was a daunting task. Trying to sell something people didn't realise they needed was quite the challenge. Our peculiar-looking clothing peg needed a demonstration to be understood, making our journey a challenging one.

As time moved forward, our efforts started bearing fruit. Our family-led initiative transformed into a robust network of salespersons countrywide. We began to gain momentum, and our brand started to resonate with South Africans. As we expanded our offline presence, we were also solidifying our online identity. South Africa's reception of our small business was encouraging and supportive, fueling our ambition to reach new heights.

However, the emergence of COVID-19 brought about unexpected challenges. We lost our primary revenue source – the markets. But in the face of adversity, we found opportunity. We began to devote more time to our online presence, familiarising ourselves with Facebook's ad platform, turning a potential disaster into a huge opportunity.

(Increda-Peg landing in spar - 2023)

Today, our website stands as a testament to resilience in the face of COVID-19. The unwavering support we've received has been heartwarming, and we strive every day to deliver the best value to our customers. As of now, we've proudly recycled over 20 tons of plastic, a contribution that continues to grow with your support.

Having shared our journey, we want to express our deepest gratitude for your ongoing support. Our story wouldn't be the same without you.