FAQs & Shipping

1. How much will I be charged for shipping?

Express delivery nationwide is charged at a flat rate of R60, free deliver on all orders above R200.

2. How long does deliver take?

2-5 business day delivery

3. Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately not, shipping is just not feasible right now.

4. How many pegs are in a packet?

There are 60 pegs per packet. All information on the respective product can be found by clicking "view details" under the product. 

5. Where are you based and can I buy in-person?

We are based in Pretoria, Silver Lakes area. We will gladly accommodate a pickup should you prefer that, please get into contact with us for more in this regard. 

6. How long do the Increda-Pegs last?

The Increda-Peg is designed to last YEARS on your line. We specifically use the colour black which absorbs heat and contributes to the durability of our peg. We have had customers still using their pegs for 5 years now and they are still going strong. 

7. Are the pegs made from recycled plastic?

All the plastic we use in the production process is recycled. Additionally, all plastic used in the packaging for delivery is recyclable. We are working on going completely plastic-free in the near future, hang tight!

8. Refund process?

We pride ourselves off the quality of our product and we offer a FULL, UNQUESTIONED REFUND for any defective products delivered.

If you do not like the Increda-Peg, we will still give you a refund provided you return the parcel delivered to us in a reasonable condition with the right amount of pegs. In this scenario, the buyer will be responsible for paying the delivery fee back to us.

For more information you can see our policies on our footer below.